The head coach of England, Roy Hodgson, wants his team to copy the playing style of the World Champions Germany.

Germany has been very consistent in the last few World Cups unlike the Three Lions.

According to Hodgson, it’s possible for the English players to play the way the German players do.

Speaking in a sports programme yesterday, Hodgson said, “If the European sides are asked to emulate the style of the sides coming from South America, then, it’s a little bit difficult because there is a lot of difference in the climate of the two continents. The players over there grow differently and possess the skills that probably the European players don’t.”

“But, there is no reason why we can’t emulate Germany. They have got similar sort of players, but, still, they have been doing so well in the global tournaments and that’s because they are athletic and their speed is very, very impressive. We should try and do the same.”

“It’s just the execution in which Germany is better than us and the other European countries. Their players are temperamentally good and rarely do they drift away from their plan. And, also, their mobility is brilliant. They are swift in their movement and they always attack as a team.”

After the World Cup though, England has played better than Germany. The Three Lions have won 4 Euro qualifiers on the trot and have almost made it to the tournament proper already.
Germany, on the other hand, has found it a bit tough in their Euro qualification group i.e. Group D. They’re at the second position.

Germany is very delicately poised at the moment in Group D. One more defeat can make them slide to no. 4.

The team which is leading the Group D is Poland.