On August 8 of 2016, Paul Pogba became the most expensive football player ever after Manchester United splashed out €105 million in luring him away from Juventus and into Old Trafford.

During his debut season of his return to the English Premier League club, Paul Pogba could not really live up to the expectations or to his price tag as the impact that the French player made in the club was not really significant or influential in any real way.

The €105 million man could only score 5 goals and create 4 assists for his teammates in 30 appearances. This is not really impressive for a player that had such a big price tag; people were expecting to see him be more of an influential figure.

Former Manchester United player, Owen Hargreaves is not surprised in any way to see those stats as the BT Sport pundit said:

¨He went from a great Juventus team featuring Carlos Tevez, Arturo Vidal and Andrea Pirlo and he was one player in amongst a great group of players. Now, because of the price-tag he’s the focal point¨

¨People are judging the price tag, people are judging the haircuts and these flash other things that they see but if you look at his stats, this is what you get. 10 goals, 10 assists, that’s him. They paid that money for him and he’s virtually on course to hit those numbers this season¨

Whether or not Paul Pogba starts to improve and increase his contributions and statistics with his team is something that remains to be seen but considering all that cash spent in the Frenchman, he has to do something remarkable in order to pull his financial weight.