Owen Hargreaves said that he “loves” watching Arsenal play, but that he doesn’t think they will win the Premier League. With the north London team five points ahead of Manchester City at the top of the table, the Gunners are dreaming of winning their first title in 19 years. Arsenal’s play at both ends of the field has been flawless under Mikel Arteta, and they have never lost in 11 Premier League games.

However, Owen Hargreaves, a former midfielder for Manchester United, thinks that, despite their stunning start to the season, their squad depth does not compare to that of the Citizens. Despite this, he predicted that Arsenal would defeat Tottenham in Sunday’s north London derby. The 41-year-old stated on talkSPORT Drive: Arsenal has blown me away, and I believe they will continue their winning streak and win the game 2-1.

They are similar to Leicester, so I think there is no chance they will win the league. They didn’t believe until March or April when the season was over. Arsenal, in my opinion, is beginning to believe that it will accomplish this. They’ve been unbelievable on defense, and while I think they could win the league, I don’t think they will.

However, I think it would be great for the Premier League if they won, and I hope they get someone in to help them win because the fans have had to suffer for a long time. If someone is hurt, I don’t think they have enough protection. There is nothing I love to watch more than Saka and Odegaard because they are so entertaining. Although I believe it would be an excellent tale, I do not believe they possess depth. It’s insane to look at Liverpool and Manchester City’s bench positions, the former player stated.