Former Real Madrid player Owen Hargreaves believes that Real Madrid should sign at least two players to replace Cristiano Ronaldo. He said that Ronaldo was a massive player for them and that they need to replace him if they do not want to be weakened.

He said that Real Madrid already has two great strikers in Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale but they need to have back-ups. He said that the team will suffer if any one of those two players gets injured. He said that Asensio is a really good player but at the moment he is too young to fill in the void left by the Portuguese striker.

Owen Hargreaves said that Real Madrid is a big team and that they need to have world-class players. He said that the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo means that they have lost one of the best footballers in the world and that they will need to adequately replace him. He said that the Spanish side needs a player such as Eden Hazard and that he will not be surprised if they make a move for him in the future.

He said that Real Madrid still has a good squad despite the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and that they will be among the favorites to win the title as well as the Champions League. He said that the departure of Ronaldo will be a great opportunity for players such as Bale and Benzema to shine and to make a name for themselves in Madrid. However, he believes that they will miss Ronaldo not only on the pitch but also in the dressing room. He said that the Portuguese international was such an inspiration not only for the first team players but also for the young Madrid players coming through the academy.